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Where do the current search engines fail?

In current times, we have lots of information floating in the world of web. To get the correct and relevant answer to a particular query becomes really tricky. At least we do have several search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more to help us narrow our options.

But even on using these search engines, we need to go through several links from the search results before we could find something relevant and be completely satisfies with the content inside the link.

Why search engines fail?

The current search engines are not the only one to blame. Mistakes happen from our side too. Suppose if we do not enter the precise keywords related to your query, you will end up having completely different set of results from the search engines.

The reason is pretty simple. The search engines looks for the keywords you entered inside the content of the websites and then display those websites where they found the given keywords. But that's not only it. The search engines even order the extracted list of websites based on the age of website (time since the website was launched) and the number of referrals the website gets from other websites (which indicates trust). In fact they might also change the order of the results because of the advertisement revenue they get from the top website owners.

The rationality behind the search results and its order from the search engines seems completely valid. But they fail to address the exact answer to your query because they do not analyse the content of the websites, rather just rely on keywords, advertisements and other factors. That being said, new websites which might have more reliable content related to your query might not even show up in the top search results. Eventually more often or not, you might end up spending a lot more time to get the best and most relevant answer to your question.

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